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Omni Gym Yoga Swing

Increase Strengthomni gym yoga swing And Flexibility

If you want to improve your strength and flexibility the Omni Gym Yoga Swing is going to make you very happy.

The Omni Gym provides the ultimate yoga swing experience.  To be clear, there are other brands of yoga swings out there.  The Omni Gym is created by Tone Cardenas, the original creator of yoga swings.  It’s pretty advanced compared to all of the other yoga swings I’ve seen; And it’s not just the swing.

The Omni Gym includes, what Tone has named, the Rock It Stand and the Omni Yoga Swing, with the Trapeze Package.  With the Rock It Stand you won’t need a beam, tree or other place to hang your swing from.  In addition, the Rock It Stand makes it possible to get more out of your yoga swing experience.

When you are ready to get your Omni Gym, use the coupon code YogaSye and you’ll save 5% off the cost.  You can use the coupon on the full Omni Gym, the Rock It Stand sold Separately, or the Yoga Swing models sold separately.

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I first heard the term Yoga Swing about a year and 1/2 ago, when I was looking for things to write about online.  I was initially impressed, and wanted to get some exercise equipment like it right away; and I did.  That was a great decision.

A yoga swing is good for getting into positions that can EASILY help you increase flexibility in a way that’s much more efficient than using yoga alone.

What’s real cool about the Omni-Gym, and Yoga Swings in general, is they are amazing tools for increasing strength and flexibility at the same time.  You can get into all kinds of positions, and use your muscles in ways you can’t use them when doing calisthenics or weight training.  These swings allow you to add a whole new dimension to your exercise routine.

They’re light weight and portable for the most part.  There are different models of yoga swings you can choose from and some are more portable than others.  If you have a tree, rafter or ceiling beam(most houses have an appropriate ceiling beam.) available, you can easily hook your yoga swing up and start increasing your strength and flexibility immediately.

If you would rather, you can purchase the “Rock-It Stand” and hook your swing up to it.  The rock it stand makes it SUPER easy to set your swing up.

Omni Gym Yoga Swings have come a long way to be the swings they are today.  The newest swings are superior to some of the older styles, but new or older, they offer something very special for you to take your exercise to the next level.

A couple of the reported benefits you may realize, in addition to strength and flexibility increases, from using a yoga swing are:
  • Spinal Decompression. (the relief of pressure on pinched nerves of the spinal column)
  • Stress and tension relief.

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Click here for current yoga swing sale or discount information.  Always use the coupon code YogaSye to make sure all possible discounts apply.  Copy paste yogasye into the coupon code box during your online checkout, or tell the person taking your order if you order by phone.

CHEERS to YOU for increasing your flexibility and strength with your new OMNI GYM YOGA SWING.

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Omni Gym Yoga Swing Review Video

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