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Anti Gravity Yoga Swing Demo

I’ve posted a YOGA SWING demonstration video on this page to help you get a clearer picture of what you can do with one of these amazing swings.

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Flying FitnessWhat is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion Therapy is hanging upside down and it’s been reported to be BENEFICIAL to the spine. An anti gravity yoga swing is said to help with traction of the spine, which is known to relieve pressure on nerves and reduce or eliminate muscle spasms.

A flexible spine is a healthy spine, and when used correctly, a yoga swing along with a proper diet can benefit your spinal health.

The yoga swing is gaining a reputation as a great way to boost your strength and increase your flexibility.  These swings offer a very advanced way of movement compared to simple body weight exercises. Have you ever done pull ups or push ups before? I’m sure you have.

With an anti gravity yoga swing you can do pull up and push up like exercises but with a lot of free movement you can’t get with a stable bar or floor. You are able to engage a number of different muscles with an almost infinite number of ways to position yourself, allowing you to gain a whole knew level of fitness.

Anti Gravity Yoga Video Demonstration

As you can see, this yoga swing demonstration gives you some insight into what you can do with your Omni Yoga Swing. Can you  see how you will benefit from using a system like this?  See the YOGA Swing Chronicles to see more ANTIGRAVITY yoga demonstration videos.

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