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Yoga Swing Exercise

Yoga SwingWhat exactly is yoga swing exercise?  To understand, it’s necessary to know what a yoga swing is.  There are a number of different types of, so called, yoga swings, but some stand out above the rest.

The yoga swings created by Tone Cardenas are the ones I’m most familiar with.  The original yoga swing was created by Tone and he’s come out with updated models that offer a more broad experience for the user.  I personally use an Omni Swing Deluxe and you can read about those on this website and see some of the cool and fun things you can do on one to get in better shape.

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See some of the yoga swing exercises in the videos I’ve created for the Yoga Swing Chronicles on the pages below.

First Day On Omni Swing

Second Week On Omni Swing

Omni Swing Progress Report

One of the reasons I really like yoga swing exercises a lot is because a yoga swing allows you a range of motion you can’t get without one.  You can do many variations of push-ups, pull-ups and dips, in addition to a number of inverted exercises.  There are straps, you can put your arms and legs into, that allow the wide range of movement.

Because so much movement is possible you have to engage many of your stabilizer muscles to keep yourself steady, while your doing certain exercises.  I’ve found the engagement of all the extra muscles to be stimulating to the body.  You can really wake up areas of your body that weren’t getting worked much.

In addition to the number of different kinds of yoga swing exercises possible, you can get yourself into a number of positions that allow you to gain flexibility as well.  What I’ve found cool is, you can get in some good stretches while engaging muscle groups at the same time.  This keeps a person from becoming to muscle bound.

The video on at the link below will help you to understand the difference between an omni swing deluxe and a yoga swing deluxe.  You’ll also learn what a Rockit Stand is.  It’s the second video on the page

Yoga Swing Review Video

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Are you ready to start doing your own yoga swing exercise?


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