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Omni Swing Progress Report

omni swing

In case you haven’t been following my yoga swing chronicles, it will help you to know this is my 4th week using the Omni Swing.  The Omni Swing is a yoga swing, and the deluxe, which I have, is the most advanced of the yoga swing models.

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The changes I’ve noticed most since I started using an omni swing are the following.

  • My muscles have gotten bigger and more defined.
  • My veins in my arms are more pronounced.
  • It almost looks like I have a six pack. I had one when I was a lot younger, but this is the most pronounced it’s been it a long time.)
  • I’m more toned over all.
  • I feel stronger and I’ve definitely gained some flexibility with the strength.
  • I feel generally better.  I would describe this feeling as feeling more whole, or together.
  • My wife says I look good, more often than she usually did.

I can’t say I know for sure, all of these things can be attributed to the yoga swing, but I’m pretty sure it plays a big part.

Another change just came to mind about my omni swing progress; Some of the poses that I felt were hard to do, or felt a little awkward no longer feel strange.  A good example is the inverted pose, where I’m hanging from the yoga swing sling with my legs wrapped around it.  You can see it in the video on this page.

My back felt a little awkward when I first did this pose, but I read it was good for the spine, and it didn’t hurt, so I have been doing it.  I noticed my back not only feels comfortable in this position now, it also feels good.  My abdomen feels a lot better in this position now, as well.

I figure out some new way to move on the omni swing almost every time I use it.  The possibilities are tremendous, as far as I’ve experienced already.

Tone Cardenas, who created the yoga swing, told me he’s always coming up with new stuff to do on them, and he’s been at this for a long time.  YogaSye is your discount code for your new omni swing.

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Yoga Swing Chronicles | Omni Swing Progress Report Video

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