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Who Invented Yoga Swings

Yoga SwingBefore I even knew they were called yoga swings, I saw Dr. Robert Cassar in a video using one, and knew I wanted one.  It wasn’t until a couple of years Later, I was ready to purchase a yoga swing, and didn’t know what they were called, not to mention who invented them.

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I did some searching and finally figured out yoga swings were created by Anthony Cardenas; also known as Tone Cardenas.

Other models of yoga swings have emerged since the original creation but it was Tone who started the weightless fitness movement.

Tone was a physical therapist for 20 years and created the first yoga swing to help him heal his own back injuries.  Tone points out, it wasn’t him who invented inversion therapy or spinal decompression.  He knew these therapies were good for the spine and the yoga swing, he visualized, was a way he saw to improve upon those therapies.

Tone initially used his creation for inversion therapy and decompressing the spine, but quickly discovered his yoga swing could be used for a lot more; A total body and mind workout could be achieved on his yoga swing.

These days the yoga swing has many terms associated with it’s applications.  Along with spinal decompression and inversion therapy, you may hear terms like suspension therapy associated with the yoga swing.

Flying fitness, weightless fitness and anti gravity yoga are some of the names used to describe the practical applications of a yoga swing.

The term movement medicine was coined by Tone, and the yoga swing is just one modality of different creative movement therapies he has come up with.  Tone claims the swing is good for the total integration of the body and the brain, and I agree.

Using a yoga swing requires total concentration and the engagement of many muscles, in order to stabilize yourself on the swing.  It’s very awakening to the body and stimulating to the mind.

Over the years, upgraded models of the yoga swing have been created and the most recent is the omni swing.  It is the most advanced of all the yoga swings on the market at this time.

It is associated with the term omni gym, which is the omni swing, along with something referred to as the Rock-It Stand.  You can hang your omni swing from the Rock-it Stand instead of a beam, rafter, branch, etc.

If you are interested in a revolutionary approach to total body fitness, I highly recommend the omni swing, yoga swing.

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