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Daisy Chain Straps

Daisy Chain Straps

Does Your Yoga Swing Need Them?

Daisy Chain StrapsIn this post I cover what the Daisy Chain straps are, what purposes they serve, whether or not you need them; and which models of yoga swings come with them.

Daisy Chain Straps come in a pair.  They are made from sturdy nylon material, and together will hold up to 500 pounds (250 pounds for each strap).

These straps serve 2 purposes for your yoga swing.  FIRST, You can hang your yoga swing from them as an ALTERNATIVE to the yoga trapeze system.  The Daisy Chain Straps make it easy to suspend your swing from a tree branch, ceiling beam or any other stable beam or bar.

For this First purpose of suspending your yoga swing, you WON’T need the straps for the OMNI yoga swing deluxe, or any model yoga swing that includes the 3 ring trapeze suspension system.

Models that include the Trapeze system attach to a Rock-It Stand or other single suspension point, like a properly mounted eye-bolt.

SECONDLY, the Daisy Chain Straps allow you to adjust the height of your yoga sling.  Each strap is four feet long and has 20 loops for different height options.  With extra safety clip hooks you can also adjust the height of the short hand grips.

If you are ordering an ORIGINAL yoga swing, basic or deluxe, the daisy chain straps are included with your swing.

The Omni Yoga Swing models have height adjustment loops built into the long hand grips, so they don’t require daisy chain straps for the purpose of sling height adjustment.

For a transformational experience in fitness I recommend the Omni Yoga Swing Deluxe.  You can READ about it Here.

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