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All About The Omni Gym Complete

The Omni Gym Complete Gives You Everything You Need To Get The Most Out Of Your Yoga Swing!

After watching my Omni Gym Complete videos on this page, you’ll have a GOOD idea of what you can do with your yoga swing; As well as a VERY Good Understanding of exactly what you are purchasing, The differences between Yoga Swing Models, and what their accessories are.

In the video below I get on my Omni Gym Complete and show you some things you can do with it, that can’t be done with the Yoga Swing alone.

In the video below, I walk you through the Omni Gym Complete, and I show you what the differences between the Omni Swing Deluxe, The Basic and The Regular Yoga Swing are.  I also give a mini demonstration of how to use this Yoga Swing, with or without the Sling.

The Omni Gym Complete includes The Omni Yoga Swing Deluxe, The Rock-It-Stand and The 3 Spring Pull Up Bar Trapeze System.  Use the links here to get very specific details about each piece included in your Omni Gym.

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