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Free Style Yoga Swing Demo

Yoga SwingIn the video on this page you’ll see a free style demonstration on the Yoga Swing.  I’ve called it free style because I didn’t plan out anything specific to show you.  I just got on my yoga swing and started doing what I do when I use it.

If you are thinking about getting a yoga swing, an Omni Swing is probably the best one out there.  It was created by Tone Cardenas who made the very first yoga swing several years ago.  The Omni Swing is the most advanced of his models.

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This free style yoga swing video was made on March 22, 2012.  I started using my Omni Swing in the beginning of December of 2011, so it’s been almost 4 months of using the yoga swing now.  You can watch the video below.

To give you an idea of how you might progress on a yoga swing, I’ll give you a short account of the progress I’ve made on mine up to this point, below the video.

The very first time I used the yoga swing my movements were a little sloppy but it felt real good to my body.  I definitely noticed a lot of new muscles were stimulated and it felt like my body was waking up.

Through the second week on the yoga swing I felt like my body was gaining integrity and continuing to wake up.  I could feel more blood flow to my core and my pelvic area specifically.

I was starting to appreciate how the instability of the swing forces you to use the stabilizing muscles, which seems to improve balance.

By the fourth week on the yoga swing I had more defined and bigger muscles and improved circulation to my arms; I felt generally better and stronger, and my stomach muscles were more defined.

My flexibility had also improved by the fourth week.  When hanging in an inverted pose, my abdomen felt a little tight when I first started to do it, but at this point it felt completely comfortable.

After the fourth week, I felt like I had reached a bit of a plateau on the swing.  I had also pushed myself pretty hard a few times and learned it’s good to advance at a comfortable pace; The swing is safe but you can hurt yourself on anything.  Just make sure to advance at your own pace.

Four Months On The Yoga Swing

Now, at the end of the 4th month using my yoga swing, I’ve reached a new level.  I’ve figured out all kinds of new ways to do stretches and variations of exercises.

I am able to move confidently on it, and I’ve reached a new level of strength.  There are so many ways you can change things up on the swing; It’s encouraging to know, you’ll be able to continue advancing and learning new stretches and exercises for a long time.

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