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Heart Opening Stretches On Omni Swing

Yoga Swing Chest Stretches

Maybe you already have an Omni Swing or another model yoga swing, or maybe you’re just wondering what they are.  Whatever your particular case is, you’ll want to know what you can do with one of these swings.

In the video on this page, I show a number of different ways to do what I’m calling, heart opening stretches with a yoga swing.  You could call them chest opening stretches as well.

In addition to opening things up, these stretches are also very strengthening.  The most difficult of the stretches I demonstrate will even strengthen and stretch your belly muscles.

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Before you begin using your yoga swing, there’s something very important to keep in mind.  Go at your own pace andYoga Swing listen to your body.

Although the yoga swing is fun and great for exercise, you could over do some stretches and injure yourself, if you’re not careful.  Yoga swings are made to be pretty safe, and I don’t want to scare you.

It’s just important to advance a little bit each time you use your swing; Don’t try to advance to quickly.  In the heart opening stretches I demonstrate here, there’s one stretch I refer to as the most advanced.

Take care to not over extend yourself, and don’t try it first, if you’ve never used a yoga swing before.  Now that the safety issue is out of the way, let’s get to the good part.  These stretches will definitely open the front of your body up nicely; and they feel good.

Each of the stretches is demonstrated in a way that should make it easy for you to imitate.  The most basic of these stretches is also safe for anyone.

Video Of Chest Stretches On The Omni Swing

A yoga swing is really a great tool to help you get in better shape.  You can get yourself into all kinds of different positions and they’re a lot of fun.  Be sure to watch some the other yoga swing videos on our site to get some ideas of what more you can do.

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