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Rock It Stand For Yoga Swings

Rock It Stand For Yoga Swings | Yoga Swing Stand

What’s a Rock-It Stand?  A Rock-it Stand is a great companion for your yoga swing.  It’s made to make your yoga swing more versatile, in addition to making it easy to set up anywhere.

You may be aware you can hang your yoga swing from a beam or an eye bolt, properly attached to your ceiling, in your house; Or a tree or other sturdy structure outside.

The Rock-It stand makes it unnecessary to find another way to hang your yoga swing.  It’s made from powder coated metal tubing with interlocking segments.  The design makes it easy to assemble or dismantle; making it convenient to store your stand, or travel with it, if you like.

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The Rock-It Stand has a circular base with a 7 foot diameter.  The height is adjustable from 7’9″ to 8’4″.  The standard ceiling height is 8 ft. so it will easily fit in most offices and homes.

3 vertical metal poles extend upward from the base of the Rock-It Stand and connect together at the top where you hang your swing from.

The Rock-It Stand also comes with 2 cushioned handlebars which attach to one of your vertical poles.  The handlebars are made for additional hand and foot assistance, allowing you a more versatile experience on your yoga swing.

The Rock-It Stand design is stable and strong.  It’s max weight limit is 275 pounds.

Rock It Stand Video

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Tone Shows How To Assemble Your Rock It Stand

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